Bake for Summer Learning

Call it Summer Baking STEAM or applied Math, Science, Literacy and Art—Baking’s got it all to keep the learning happening at home, community or in summer school programs. Over the weeks check out some of the options: Baking SCIENCE covers a lot of categories—agriculture (source of ingredients), ingredient functions, nutrition, and test kitchen product innovations, for starters.

Start by learning the baking functions of key baking ingredient categories:

Go on-line to learn basics about baking’s key ingredients

Flour—Wheat Flour 101 
How Flour is Milled, Kids Zone

Sugar 101—The full scoop – What IS Sugar? 

Vegetable oil and shortening – Canola, peanut, soy/vegetable, coconut oils; and shortening

Explore the agriculture at

Eggs—The Power of Eggs 

Yeast Science

What’s the Difference? Baking soda and baking powder

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