Bake and Take Month

Sharon Davis of the Home Baking Association sat down with the folks at Kansas Farm Food Connection earlier this month for a discussion about Bake and Take Month.

What’s better than baking something delicious? Sharing it with others! That’s what Bake and Take Month is all about.

“There’s this wonderful aura around sharing baked goods with other people,” said Sharon Davis, program development director for the Home Baking Association. “It’s so heartwarming, especially in our high-tech world. We’ve become so isolated.”

Sharon harkened back to the 1970s, when the Kansas Wheathearts started Bake and Take Day. The Wheathearts, composed largely of farmers’ spouses, were an auxiliary of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers that wanted to build up their communities. On Bake and Take Day, members would bake a dish to share with neighbors or those in need.

Today, all of March is Bake and Take Month. It’s a great time for families, 4-H-ers, scouts or any group to make something homemade and share it with others. Sharon says you can share your baking with neighbors or take your goodies to nursing homes, Veterans Affairs centers, childcare centers, church groups—you name it.

“Pick one locally and call ahead to tell them what you want to bring. Then, sit down and share it together,” Sharon said.

More than the gift of the baked good is the gift of your time. It takes time to bake something from scratch and it takes time to visit with people. That’s what’s most important.

“You don’t have to be a chef with a portfolio of knowledge. Just get a bowl out and prepare something delicious!” she said.

If you’d like some ideas to bake, visit their website for recipes. If you’re not an avid baker, Sharon suggests starting with something easy like banana or pumpkin bread (these quick breads don’t require working with yeast) or muffins.

While Pinterest is great for finding inspiration, Sharon recommends getting recipes from reliable test kitchens like those at Eat Wheat or King Arthur Flour where you know the recipes have been well tested.

As for Sharon, she’s still deciding what to make this year.

“I’m a bread baker, so I’m most likely going to bring a cinnamon swirl bread, no frosting. I also love whole grain quick bread or apple sauce oatmeal muffins,” she said.

For baking resources, how-to videos, tips and ideas visit the Baking Glossary or Education sections of the Home Baking Association’s website.

Follow #BakeAndTakeMonth on social. Better yet, upload photos of your own Bake and Take adventure and share them with the hashtag!

Photo used with permission from Deanna Cook, author of Baking Class

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