Bake for Family Fun Month

The virtual distractions are many these days, and I know more than a few parents concerned their children will become “screenagers.” The fear is real, with children, teens and many adults spending as much as 9 hours daily on phones, video games, computers and virtual entertainment.


  • can be a catalyst and a perk for children, teens, and adults to move from virtual to actual. Check out just a few of the benefits on Why Bake?
  • may start with a virtual recipe (go to a baking test kitchen) or “how-to” videos—Baking Tips, and the Kitchen Reference
  • is no fun unless it moves to actual production of something tasty, nourishing or to celebrate.
  • has all neurons firing and bodies moving to read the recipe, “mis en place” ingredients, measure, mix and portion, serve, package and CLEAN UP
  • grows true self-esteem by building essential life skills. Post a baker a “check list”  to show expanding expertise!

Getting started may be the toughest part.  Why not plug four “kitchen meetings” into your February calendar and let Bake for Family Fun Month’s weekly hot links help you dedicate time and ingredients to a baking tradition in your family.

Build solid baking practices.

  1. Review Safe Kitchen details together.
  2. Bust a baking myth
  3. Take One Minute and view Did you Know
  4. Post on your fridge, and apply, the Baking Food Safety Guide

Once the masterpieces are rolling out of the oven or off the griddle, DO go virtual! Share what’s actually baking at #HomeBaking or @HomeBaking!

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