Bite-sized Baking for Friends and Family

‘Tis the season for so much that is so good to be shared with so many. We enjoy serving up wonderful meals, gifts and moments. However, with the challenges of finding a healthy balance, focusing on moderation, and tracking down the right ingredients, we all know difficult this can sometimes be during the busy holiday season. Fortunately, when you hold the measuring cup, bowl and knife, it helps.

Whether you’re looking for specialty ingredients or an American heritage recipe, many of our members offer helpful guidance and resources. Baking for Special Needs can help with ingredient substitutions too.

If the loved-one you’re baking for is watching their diet and focused on making it through the holiday season, and the delicious goodies that come with it, without needing a new wardrobe, we suggest embracing wisdom from about 70 years ago—before “mega-sizing” cookies, muffins, and cakes was typical. Treats from back then look like “bite-sized” portions today, and that’s exactly what we need.

To make this work, you may need to down-size both the portions and the plate. To get in the right mind-set, compare a current dessert plate with one from your great grandmother’s (should you have it handy!). We’ve done it ourselves and the size difference can be a bit startling; today’s dessert plate is about the size of a previous generation’s salad plate. Those smaller dessert plates is why your grandmother could cut a 9 X 13-inch cake to serve 24 or more. Today it’s more likely to be cut to serve 16.

Bake your favorite chocolate cake, portion in small squares, serve in a muffin cup and use just a drizzle of Three Ingredient Caramel – click here

Another way to achieve a “bite-sized” goal is to create a Charcuterie Board from favorite home made crackers, crisp flat breads  , meats, cheeses and olives. Delight taste buds by preparing Fresh Fig Preserves or a Brown Sugar Mustard.

Add to your brown sugar knowledge with a baker’s ingredient guide.

For the bread basket, consider Pretzel Bites—so many options are available!

Tarts or “tartlets” are a great way to go savory and bite-sized too. Jiffy Ham and Cheese Tarts or Cranberry Walnut Tartlets tucked on a festive tray or boxed make a perfect gift.

By going “bite-sized,” you’ll love the delight of friends and family enjoying a taste of several options without the January consequences!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season,

Sharon Davis
Home Baking Association





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