Sculpting Bread Dough for Seasonal Decor

With seasonal décor flooding the stores, do you ever imagine sculpting your own decorations from bread dough? For ideas on how to accomplish this, the 2018 Kansas Wheat Commission recipe book features over thirty bread sculptures.

The Kansas Wheat staff publish an annual recipe book—a collectors item for many.  I asked why this year’s recipe book features Bread Sculptures for All Seasons. Cindy Falk, Kansas Wheat nutrition educator recalls, “The 2018 annual recipe book inspiration began at the 2017 Kansas State Fair. We had more people stopping just to see the bread sculptures used as exhibit decorations. With all of the interest in the booth, came the idea to hold a Bread Sculpture Contest to coincide with launching a 2018 recipe book on bread sculptures.  We chose to organize the sculptures by seasons, and so anyone could dough sculpt, we developed step-by-step photos with detailed instructions.”

Falk organized the inaugural Kansas State Fair Bread Sculpture contest and registered over thirty entries. An ornate, woven bread basket filled with colorful, painted flowers was awarded the grand champion prize. 

Long before the 2018 fair, Cindy along with her assistant Julene DeRouchey,  sculpted, styled and photographed dozens of creative bread shapes. The results?  We can all now roll up our sleeves and prepare a simple white or whole wheat dough for sculpting anything from bees to fishes…to spiders to witches.  

Each season showcases six to 10 creations to set apart every gathering.  For example, learn how to sculpt centerpieces like a stunning, golden Sunflower, a cluster of rustic Harvest Grapes, and all-time favorite Tom Turkey.    

Check out this beautiful Kansas Sunflower  and Tom Turkey 

Guests will be delighted to find their place at the dinner table with their very own filled mini-cornucopia. They can also enjoy a bountiful bread basket overflowing with rosettes, rose blossoms, and sweetheart cinnamon rolls.

Decorate for any season with an eye-appealing bread sculpture. See the step-by-step instructions at here

Finally, share your sculpting skills with others and turn your holiday creations into a fund raising campaign for a special cause. Together, we can “Bake the World a Better Place.”  

If you’re a culinary or FCS teacher, learning the skill to bake these value-added products helps achieve 20+ Family and Consumer Sciences standards, builds Career and Tech skills, is STEM + Art (STEAM) and applies Baking Food Safety.  

You’ll find Julene and Cindy featured on HBA’s Dough Sculpting 101 DVD.  Download a free lesson




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